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MixMedia is not your average media vendor. In business for more than 20 years, we have the experience and market knowledge that only a true industry veteran could possess. Our carefully picked services and products are at the forefront of real estate marketingTake a quick look...

20 years of knowledge and experience... Think about it, most of our competitors were in diapers when we were media mavericks, opening up a new frontier in marketing real estate digitally. Over the many years competitors have come and gone, as have technologies. We're proud to have held our own and we've done it through always being at the forefront of technologies and treating our clients as friends. As a matter of fact we were the first firm in Michigan and likely one of the first in the entire country, jumping head first into video over a decade ago. 

As the new decade begins, we continue to innovate and exceed our customer expectations.

We think and dream Media

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